What’s the difference between escort cards and place cards?

Place cards do not include a table number (only the guest name) and are usually placed in the seat where your guest will be sitting. Place cards may also be next to/under a sign or other indicator to show where the guest’s table will be. This option allows for easy last minute arrangements if necessary.

Escort cards include the table number and are usually laid out on a table (alphabetically) where guests first walk into the venue. The table number may be directly on the front of the card, on the inside, back, or even in an envelope. I can happily accommodate all these options!

Sometimes, both escort cards and place cards are used. The escort cards are used to show the guests to their table, while the place cards indicate where they will be sitting. Every option has it’s pros and cons, and the possibilities are nearly endless – it’s totally up to you!

When can I expect to get my items?

There is a standard turnaround time of about 2-4 weeks from the time I receive everything I need to get started (this excludes custom invitation suites), plus shipping time (which varies depending where you are.) I am usually able to accommodate shorter production times if you need – please contact me for availability! Please keep in mind that the summer months usually require a slightly longer production time due to high demand. See Shipping & Return Policy.

Can you make me a sign/painting/other custom work?

Yes! See the custom work page to get started.

Will you write out [insert song or other copyright material] for me?

Due to ethical and legal reasons, I will not write out song lyrics or other copyright material. I'd be happy to write out your personal vows or a song you wrote - just as long as you own the rights.

How will you ship my product(s)?

I take great care in making sure all products are packaged properly so they arrive to you as safely as possible. I usually ship USPS First Class or Priority Mail in the US and First Class Mail for international orders unless faster shipping times are required. See Shipping & Policies for more information. If there is ever an issue with your item when it arrives, please let me know asap!

Do you ship internationally?

Yep! There are several different shipping options available for international shipments, each of which have varying delivery times and fees based on the country. Please let me know if you’re not sure which shipping option you’ll need.

Do you have [insert awesome ink/paper color here] available?

Send me a quick message if you want any ink or paper colors you don’t see listed. I can usually mix or order whatever you want as long as I have enough lead time! Please note that this may include additional charges.

Can you make the writing bigger/smaller/higher/lower?

Sure! If you would any variations on the styles I have listed, let me know! Please be aware that I may recommend against certain changes if it will affect the legibility or is not a possibility due to size of the surface or other circumstances.

Will you teach me calligraphy?

I'd love to! As long as I'm available, I'm happy to share my knowledge on the wonderful art of calligraphy. Check out the Learn page to find out about current happenings in my calligraphy classroom.