What’s the difference between place cards and escort cards?


Place cards and escort cards – what’s the difference? I get asked this question a lot, and to be honest with you, I didn’t know either until I started to work on weddings. And believe it or not, the explanation is easier than you might think.

Place cards do not include a table number (only the guest name) and are usually placed in the seat where your guest will be sitting. Place cards may also be next to/under a sign or other indicator to show where the guest’s table will be. This option allows for easy last minute arrangements if necessary, since a table number wouldn’t be permanently on the card.

Escort cards include the table number and are usually laid out on a table (alphabetically) where guests first walk into the venue. The table number may be directly on the front of the card, on the inside, back, or even in an envelope. I can happily accommodate all these options!

Sometimes, both escort cards and place cards are used. The escort cards are used to show the guests to their table, while the place cards indicate where they will be sitting. Every option has it’s pros and cons, and the possibilities are nearly endless – it’s totally up to you!