Working for Reforestation: One Tree Planted With Every Purchase


I have some exciting news to share! I am officially registered as a Reforestation Partner through OneTreePlanted! What exactly does that mean? Well, starting from January 1st, 2017, with every purchase made from Ink & Matter, one tree will be planted somewhere in the world via OneTreePlanted. OneTreePlanted is a non-profit organization based in Vermont, focusing not only on collecting donations, but also in educating the world and spreading awareness about deforestation and the impact it has on our planet.

So, why am I doing this? As we all know, paper is almost always made from tree pulp. As most of us also know, the stationery industry is pretty much entirely paper based. And while I try to use as many recycled and repurposed items as possible and avoid wasting paper, the paper use is inevitable when it comes to owning a stationery design business.

Reforesting the Planet, One Tree at a Time

Ever since I started Ink & Matter, I’ve been extremely conscious of my paper use and the potential impact this could have on the environment. I recycle everything I don’t use and encourage those who purchase items from me to do the same. But it doesn’t feel like enough. Trees are being destroyed on a regular basis, due to various industries and disasters such as wildfires. In the most extreme cases, entire forests are being destroyed. OneTreePlanted offers an opportunity to finally give back to the environment by planting trees in the areas that need it most.

Where will the trees go? As of right now, all of my donations will be going towards planting trees in Indonesia (I will be rotating through the other options regularly.) Indonesia is currently facing quite a deforestation crisis. According to OneTreePlanted, 85% of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions are caused by forest destruction and degradation. The country’s poorest residents are suffering as a result, living with some of the worst health standards in the world.


The Reforestation Impact

Trees planted in Indonesia have a huge positive impact on the local population. Indonesia is the world’s largest producer and consumer of palm oil, which is great for their economy, but terrible for the environment. The palm oil industry is not only destroying forests, but also leads to an increase of carbon and other pollutants in the air. Trees planted in Indonesia absorb the carbon pollution and improve air quality.

The rainforests of Indonesia, recently named one of the most biologically diverse biomes in the world, are home to all kinds of animals. Trees create new homes for the animals living there, who have been faced with shrinking forests and destruction of their natural habitat. Indonesia’s largest rainforest, the Sumatran rainforest, has been given just 20 years left to survive by leading scientists. I feel it’s incredibly important to help reverse the damage that’s already been done.

Finally, the planting of trees in Indonesia helps bolster economic prospects, and improves living conditions for indigenous communities and environmental standards. Local communities benefit by selling the fruit, allowing local farmers to make a steady living. On top of all of this, OneTreePlanted works with programs that help build schools in these areas and donates to incentive school programs, so it’s an organization I’m very happy to support.

What does this mean for you? I hope this allows you to feel good about serving our planet, as much as it does for me. Prices will not be going up – this is coming straight from my revenue. Our planet has taken a beating and it’s important for me to give back in whatever way I can. After all, the earth does provide us with a place to live and beautiful lands to admire. It’s the very least I can do.

Thank you for supporting me and in turn supporting our wonderful planet.

– Amber