Where to Start When Planning Your Wedding

You’re engaged!! Congratulations! …and now what? Once all the excitement and bubbly from an engagement wears down, things start to get serious quickly. I was recently engaged, back in October 2016 and I thought I would start sharing some of the insight I’ve gained so far throughout this process. When I got engaged my first question was.. “where do I start?”

Tips for Planning Your Own Wedding

Photo by Vivian Sachs | Custom Sign by Ink & Matter

Photo by Vivian Sachs | Custom Sign by Ink & Matter

Wedding planning can be high stress early on, but it can also be extremely fun. The first thing I did was make a Pinterest board. Don and I had a broad idea of what we wanted, so I had a loose starting point. We knew we wanted something outside, super casual, and fun. So I started pinning outdoor weddings that I loved. I quickly realized that I wanted lots and lots of natural greenery and simplistic florals and decorations (I’m far from an over the top extravagant person, as is Don.)

How to Pick Your Wedding Date & Season

Picking a rough date and season was the next step. We both agreed pretty quickly that we wanted late summer or early fall. Since we wanted an outdoor wedding in western New York, winter and early spring/late fall were out of the question. The beginning of summer is usually crazy busy for me, so picking our time of year was an easy decision. When one of my best childhood friends told me she would be getting married mid-September, we eliminated that date. We knew we also didn’t want a holiday weekend, so we eliminated one more (Labor Day), and finally settled on the last weekend in August since the remaining September dates were booked at our venue. Easy enough!

Searching for Wedding Venues

Once we determined what we wanted and when we wanted to get married, we started looking for venues. I started on The Knot and Wedding Wire, then just started googling wedding photographers in the Buffalo area, which is where we knew we would get married. We visited 3 venues total, and I actually found the venue we ended up choosing (the last one we visited) from a photographer’s blog. Her photos were stunning, but what really grabbed me was the location. It was simple and naturally beautiful – exactly what we wanted. They provide only the location – everything else was up to us, which is also just what we wanted, so it was perfect.

So there it is! The first 10 months of wedding planning in the books. We’re having a longer engagement (almost 2 years by the time we get married) since we’re paying for most of it on our own, so wedding planning has been slow so far. Now that we’re just over a year away, things are heating up. I’ll keep this blog updated somewhat regularly as planning gets more underway!

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