Calligraphy Workshops

Have you ever wanted to learn the art of modern calligraphy?


Modern Calligraphy stems from traditional pointed pen calligraphy. While traditional styles were focused on creating near perfect letterforms and slants, modern calligraphy encourages the writer to break the rules and explore the flexibility of the tools. Workshops focus on teaching you the basics to get started (you have the learn the rules to break them!), then you are encouraged to continue your practice by creating your own styles and exploring the tools.

Beginners Modern Calligraphy Workshops in Buffalo, NY & surrounding areas

Learn to assemble and properly use a pointed dip pen, the basics of creating letterforms and words, and tips for continuing your practice. You will receive all supplies, including an instructional alphabet and list of useful resources, one-on-one guidance throughout the workshop, and plenty of time to practice. No experience required!

Private Calligraphy Lessons in Buffalo, NY

Amber is now offering private calligraphy lessons in the Buffalo area for individuals or groups up to 8. Beginning and Intermediate classes are offered, based on availability. Lessons are generally 2 hours in length and will include all supplies. Contact me for more information and pricing.